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I.T.S. O.K.

In The Service Of the King

People ask what this phrase means and where did it come from so I thought I would give the full story. Although I have chosen a different verse to go with this phrase the thought behind this is the same. Here is the origins told best by my father Phil Sherwood, the one that not only came up with this thought but I have had the privilege to see practice it my entire life.

"When our kids were young, it seemed that one of my best roles was to comfort and reassure... especially if there was blood. Many times I would hold an injured child after cleaning a wound and just repeat, "It's ok". There are times in life when you get bruised or feel beaten. When reading God's Word, you can hear the Father gently saying, "It's ok". 


While looking for a more meaningful way of closing letters than with the usual "regards" or "sincerely", and looking for an uplifting and reassuring memoir, I came across the truth in Revelation 22:3, "...His servants shall serve Him". No matter what we do, or what happens, life's highest and eternal calling is to serve God."


With a rich heritage of Servants of God in the Sherwood family I want to not only carry on this simple yet powerful message but also the desire to alway have a legacy that realizes whatever they do in life as a Christian they are In The Service Of the King!

Forrest, Phil, and Jonathan Sherwood
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