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Our Mission


RR an over 100-year-old farm on 46 acres in Shiloh, IL  we are restoring. We use that facility to help families, churches, and organizations find unity in Christ, use recreation for education, and develop programs and events that further the Kingdom of God. We partner with families and groups that truly want to see our community Reached in a Resonating way while seeing God bring Restoration to our community, our state and our nation.

What is RR

Restoration Ranch is a young pioneering ministry with a rich heritage. Our mission is to provide a unique platform for the community that will strengthen and enhance relationships, fill gaps that will develop people and their families, and create a variety of activities in a convenient location, in order to share the good news of the Kingdom of God. 

Restoration Ranch exists to Reach a community for Christ, by Resonating unity in Christ, while Restoring relationship with Christ through events, classes, and camps for all ages. 

This is how we accomplish that: 



With a convenient location that sits in the heart of the east St. Louis suburbs We have 46 acres, 15 outbuildings being restored either to original use or repurposed. This makes our ministry the perfect place to reach our community through events, programs, and gatherings for the Kingdom of God.


We have a unique platform involving so many different areas to get involved in. From growing plants and animals, providing food for the food insecure, to discipleship programs, artisan festivals, and many activities in between. This is accomplished by focusing on what brings us together not what separates us. Whether it is partnerships with churches, homeschool groups, community clubs, or families we are confident we will resonate with you!  


We do all this to provide a platform to the community to gather together, enhance their outreach programs, and fill any gaps needed, all while sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God. Everything we do will have an element of helping people restore a relationship with Christ but a more focused way of accomplishing that is through week long day camps, sports activity programs, our men's group, and any other way we can develop discipleship/mentorship programs.

We encourage you to see how you can get involved!

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